Mobile Service From Sonopia

Sonopia's mission is to provide every organization, group or club with the opportunity to create branded mobile service and build a unique mobile and web community of supporters and members.

Leading brands, charities, environmental organizations and entertainment groups are working with Sonopia to create their branded mobile phone services. These services are marketed with Sonopia's help to an increasingly discerning consumer, who demands relevant services, the right price and great customer service. We call each of these mobile services a "Sonopia" and expect there to be thousands of Sonopias within a few years.

With Sonopia, anyone can create and start marketing a mobile service in 15 minutes or less.

It all started as a simple idea

As mobile customers, we felt that we wanted more than what was [on offer] available in the traditional carrier store. We wanted a more relevant mobile service and more flexible calling plans. To interact with other people like ourselves, using our mobile phones. We wanted better customer service and the brands we really cared about to light up our mobile phones. Sonopia was created by individuals with a track record in mobile phone services and direct marketing. The leadership in Sonopia has held senior executive and board positions at companies such as Macromedia, Microsoft, Oracle, American Express, Charles Schwab, Symbian, and Texas Instruments.

At Sonopia, we have developed a set of groundbreaking technologies, online services and marketing tools that enable dramatically increased segmentation of, and communication with, the mobile subscriber market. We offer fully hosted, turnkey mobile service to large, medium-sized and small brands, affinity organizations, even to persons with a seed of an idea for a mobile service they want to market to consumers using Sonopia's tools. This approach enables an unprecedented, thinly slivered micro-separation of the mobile phone subscriber market.

Sonopia is based in Menlo Park, California and Kyiv, Ukraine, with offices in New York, Los Angeles and London.